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Here I share some reflections on my own journey of Mind & Heart Transformation.

Back in India – May 2023

And for another year I am back in Dharamsala, India. In the midst of chaos, in the land of paradoxes, this is the place where I have found peace of mind. Away from the pleasures and comforts of western life, this is where I have found endless nourishment for mind & heart.

What is Mind? 

“Scientists haven’t investigated consciousness very deeply. They tend to think of the mind in relation to the brain, and yet the mind is something other than that. The mind is not a product of the brain. It is its own entity." - His Holiness Dalai Lama “The scientific belief that the mind is the same as the brain is a belief not a fact. Indeed, we scientists have not made real progress in investigating this over the last 100 years.” – Richard Davidson, American Neuroscientist.

Kindness as an antidote to depression

Whenever sadness takes control of our minds, or loneliness strikes, we could aim to do a good action. This is a simple, yet powerful advice. There are so many small acts of kindness that can be done, either using our body, speech or mind, and it does not need to be anything complicated.  This creates an uplifting result on ourselves. This is the outcome of being wise selfish, we are the primary recipient of our own kindness.

Love is Understanding

In Tibetan language the term CHAM-TSE combines both ‘love’ and ‘caring’ in one word. Champa is love, which is defined as the wish for others to be happy. Tsewa can be translated as kindness, loving kindness, to care for. Based on love, caring immediately arises. With the wish for someone to be happy, we care for the other person.

Our good heart is our best friend

If you feel “I do not have many friends and I’m alone in the world”, remember that our good heart is our best friend. If we have love and compassion, naturally everyone will slowly become our friends. If we always have a good heart, we will have confidence in ourselves, we will have trust in ourselves and we will see the value of ourselves.

Precious Teacher

One evening, the disciple, overwhelmed by sorrow and angst requested to see the Lama. She was in floods of tears as her heart was shattered by disillusionments of life. In the presence of the Lama, he warmheartedly said ‘I’m your teacher. There is nothing to worry.’

Where is our emotional suffering?

When a strong feeling arises, like sadness, fear, anger, or any other strong emotion. If we were to ask ourselves: where is this unhappy feeling? Where is our mental suffering? When we search for the feeling, where is it? Where in the body or mind is the suffering? Where can we find our mental suffering?
"The unexamined life is not worth living."


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