Our good heart is our best friend

good heart martha farat

The mind thinking of love and compassion is a good friend

by Lobsang Choegyal Rinpoche

The good motivation allows us to benefit ourselves and many others. If you feel “I do not have many friends and I’m alone in the world”, remember that your good heart is your best friend. The mind thinking of love and compassion is a good friend who will never let you down and will never leave.

If you have love and compassion, naturally everyone will slowly become your friends. A good heart is the best friend. If you always have a good heart and a good motivation, you will have confidence in yourself, you will have trust in yourself and you will see the value of yourself.

 If you do harmful actions all the time, you will lose trust in yourself. If you do not trust yourself, no matter how many friends you have, then what is the benefit? If you have trust and confidence in yourself, then you are your very best friend.

 If you have a good heart with trust and confidence, even if others do not have trust and confidence in you and you become a little sad, you can be very gentle with yourself saying, “You are a good person. You shouldn’t worry. Do not give up. You are a good person and have a good heart”. This is the reality. If you are a good person, even if others say that you are bad, you don’t need to become sad because you know yourself to be good.

Even if your heart becomes a little sad, you tell yourself “there is no reason to be sad”

Saying ……………… (your name), there is no reason to become sad because you are a good person. You have a good heart. There is no reason to give up. Other people can say anything, but you are acting as a good person. You have a good heart, right? Why do you become disheartened? Why are you sad? Be happy. Eat good food. Drink good tea. Go for a walk. The health is very important. To think like this to yourself is important. When you do a good action, think “I am a good person”. When you feel “I am a good person”, you have done what you wanted.

Whether we are a good person or not does not depend on what others say to us.

We do not become bad by others saying so. Likewise, we do not become good people by others saying we are good. Depending on our actions, we can be considered to be good or bad, not by what other people say. By doing good actions, a person is considered to be good. By doing bad actions, a person is considered to be bad. If you do good actions of body, speech and mind and if you have a good heart, even if everyone says you are bad, you are still a good person. Whether you are considered to be good or bad depends on your actions of body, speech and mind.

At all times if the conduct of body, speech and mind and heart are good, then you are a good person.

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