Precious Teacher

Martha Farat with Rinpoche
Teacher & Disciple

One evening, the disciple, overwhelmed by sorrow and angst requested to see the Lama. She was in floods of tears as her heart was shattered by disillusionments of life.

In the presence of the Lama, he warmheartedly said ‘I’m your teacher. There is nothing to worry.’ He prayed for her.

That night, under the Himalayan skies, tears of sorrow transformed into tears of joy. Tears of joy transformed into medicinal nectar healing her heart.
She genuinely smiled for the first time in a long time.

She was embraced by a peaceful sleep, comforted by the certainty that she was under the best care she could have ever wished for. ‘It is a miracle-like experience to have found such precious teacher’ she thought.

The genuine care of the teacher, free from disturbing emotions, was the purest form of unsurpassed compassion.

“Caring between teacher and disciple is priceless. It is genuine love and the root cause of happiness.” 

Lobsang Choegyal Rinpoche
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